Real truth about elon musk twitter

Real truth about elon musk twitter

Real truth about elon musk twitter


Hey friends!, How are You today, I am misbah And today will well be talk about Real truth about elon musk twitter, So Let’s  get started.

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Real truth about elon musk twitter, Hey friends,  Nowadays things of Twitter are very much covered in the news.  How Elon Musk has taken over the Twitter!  

How he fired Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal from the CEO position.  And he is firing many people.  And moreover, many interesting things are going on,  like, he is going to charge $8/month for blue tick.  

Similarly, many interesting things are going in Twitter.  All these things are happening now,  but what's the origin of all these things?  

Who was the actual founder of Twitter?  

Who was the actual founder of Twitter?

Many people think that Jack Dorsey had founded Twitter.  But it's not completely true.  What's the story behind it?  Let's see this in this article.  And learn many more interesting things about Twitter,  which are useful for you and you should learn also.  

Okay?  See the image visible on your screen with attention!  Now you'll say, what's special in this image?  

Well, there is an interesting story behind it.  It's two or three years ago,  the twitter account of Burger King,  suddenly, Casey Neistat, a famous youtuber,  started liking his tweets and posts.  

Casey Neistat found this thing very strange.  So, he tweeted also,  I don't know,  why Burger King is liking my 8 year old tweets.  He didn't understand why this is happening!  And it's not just about Casey Neistat.  

Burger King did it with many people.  They were liking tweets of 2010s.  After which all people started getting notifications,  that Burger King liked your tweet.  Because it was a weird situation,  people started talking about this incident. Because they were very confused. 

why is a 10 year old tweet suddenly being liked?  

why is a 10 year old tweet suddenly being liked?

So, people got curious,  and to end this curiosity, they started posting on their stories,  started posting,  and this incident got viral. Many news channels started writing articles about it.  Many youtubers started making videos about it.  And thousands of people started tweeting about it.  

Everyone wanted to know,  that why Burger King is doing this?  

Real truth about elon musk twitter

After sometime, Burger King tweeted,  'somethings from 2010 are worth revisiting,  like your old tweets,  and funnel cake fries,  get them now for a limited time'.  

Basically, they were trying to sell their funnel fries here,  which they launched in 2010.  Now, obviously they knew that thing,  when they will like 10 years old tweets,  people will get confused.  

And like this, by using Twitter,  by using an interesting marketing gimmick,  advertised their product in front of millions of people,  that too absolutely free.  

Their competitors were spending millions of dollars,  Burger King just used Twitter smartly,  and increased their sales by 50%.  

And this is just story of one incident.  Similarly, if you see,  hastag of Audi,  #wantanr8 campaign,  #sharecoke of Coca-cola,  @twitteracoffee of Starbucks,  all these things became famous because of Twitter.  

In-fact in Olympics of year 2008,  in which the title sponsor was Adidas,  which won by spending millions of dollars,  which is obviously a big deal,  at that time too, people talked much about #findgreatness campaign.  Whereas Adidas spended a lot of money,  to become title sponsor.  

But still people were talking more about Nike.  Because,  Nike was trending on Twitter.  And this is the power of Twitter.  Today, millionaires, billionaires, Presidents, all of them use Twitter for their own benefits.  From a small startup,  to multinational giants, use Twitter for their benefit.  Why?  

Because truly Twitter is a useful thing.  That's why I'm asking you, do you use twitter,  to make your personal brand,  to talk about yourself!  If not, then must use it.  Okay?  Let's come to the article again.  There is a book by Nick Bilton by Hatching Twitter.  

A true story of money, power, friendship and betrayal

A true story of money, power, friendship and betrayal

I am going to tell you in detail in the story of Twitter from this book!  This will also give you a case study of Twitter,  and will get so many lessons also,  which you can apply in your life,  to create great companies,  and to do great things.  

story of Twitter

story of Twitter

In this article I am not going to tell you the lessons one by one,  I'm going to tell you a story from Twitter,  and I want you to comment and tell  what lessons have you learned from the whole Twitter story,  and what you can apply in your life.  Okay?  Let's start with story of Twitter.  

The rise of Twitter.  See guys, most people think,  Jack Dorsey solely started Twitter.  It's not completely true.  The fact is,  Twitter was started by four people.  

All of them have their own interesting story.  First character of them is Evan Williams.  A 25 years old guy,  who had come to California in tech boom of 1997.  Where he had worked for big companies like Intel and HP.  

After that, he shifted to San Francisco.  There he built a company with his friends.  A made something named Web based diary.  

Web story

Where people could track their work progress,  which they launched in 1999 as Blogger.  Where anyone could create a blog on internet,  like, people do today.  

This thing was quite interesting.  So, Blogger started becoming popular.  And by year 2002,  Evan started making decent money from it.  

After which he hired a lot of programmers,  and took a small office also.  And gradually, they stored blogs of more than 1 million people.  

Seeing the popularity of Blogger,  press news and articles of Evan started coming.  There is one more interesting thing here,  Evan had a neighbour,  whose name was Noah Glass.  One day Noah Glass was reading Fortune Magazine,  which had an article about Evan.  

Obviously he knew Evan and used to see him everyday,  that's why he recognized him instantly.  After which,  he instantly went to meet Evan.  

He introduced himself,  and they became good friends.  After which Noah told Evan,  that Google is interested in buying Blogger.  After which, with the help of Noah,  in year 2003,  the deal was happened.  

And Google bought Blogger.  After which Evan got tons of millions of dollars.  After Google's acquisition,  Evan was not having fun in working in Blogger.  That's why he left Blogger.  

After which he financed Noah's audio blogging platform.  They both together named this company 'Odeo',  which they converted in audio podcasting business.  One day, there was a coffee shop beside their company,  where Jack Dorsey, a self taught programmer,  was working.  

There Jack heared both of them talking,  that they are hiring.  After which Jack mailed his CV to Evan.  And Jack was hired as a freelancer programmer.  

Because he was talented.  After this Jack did excellent job.  After which, you can say,  now there were 3 co-founders instead of 2.  

Now only the fourth co-founder is left.  The name of fourth co-founder was Biz Stone.  He was a Google employee.  He came in contact with Evan,  when he was working in Blogger under Google.  

They also became good friends.  After Rahul's departure, he too was not enjoying working.  That's why he left his job in Google.  Where he sacrificed his $2 million dollars stock options,  and in return he joined ODEO.  

All four people were working,  but after working a lot, ODEO was not going further.  It was not getting success.  The reason was,  author tells that they were making such a product,  which neither they used themselves,  nor any of his team member used.  

They were building such a product,  for which they were not passionate.  Because of this, clashes started happening between Evan and Noah.  

Steve Jobs added podcasts to iTunes

Real truth about elon musk twitter

Company was already on their deathbed,  was about to end,  but in June 2005,  they got shocked,  when Steve Jobs added podcasts to iTunes,  which was the business of ODEO.  

In no time their entire business was over.  Obviously, they couldn't compete Apple.  After which they decided,  to shut down.  And they did the same.  

The team of these 4 people is a very powerful.  Seeing this, Evan said to all of them,  if someone has a better idea,  let's work on that.  

Here came Jack Dorsey.  He pitched about a new idea,  which was about status update.  Jack told them,  he was very fascinated about the concept of SMS.  How we are able to say just in limited characters.  

But gradually, due to a lot of messages, Whatsapp all these things,  the trend of SMS was ending.  But according to him, it was still a powerful thing.  

Where people could update their status in limited words.  That what's going on in their life,  what they are thinking,  or things related to them.  

Noah also thought, people can like this idea,  which will make people feel less alone,  and will make them feel connected with others.  

After which he suggested,  to finish the audio part of ODEO,  and convert it to status platform.  Where people can follow one another.  Biz suggested,  to integrate in mobile phone.  So that people can use this platform easily.  

And this is how Twitter started,  whose name was selected by Noah.  All of them started working on Twitter under ODEO,  but they were not getting such a good response.  

That's why, ODEO had come on such a point,  where Evan was compulsed to fire his colleagues.  And because of working in stress and pressure,  all of them started having clashes.  

After which Evan,  asked Noah to leave the company.  Infact Jack also said to him,  it's either me or him.  Select either me or him.  

Similarly many people had issue with Noah.  Due to which,  Noah had to resign forcefully from his company.  After which he left both ODEO and Twitter.  Even today, if you look at the Twitter account of Noah,  you'll get written 'I started this'.  

That means he started Twitter somewhere.  After Rahul's departure  many small improvements started happening in Twitter.  

Founders tried to make this app as simple as possible.  Which they did also.  And people were loving it,  that's why they started promoting Twitter.  Started its marketing also.  Due to which Twitter's reach started increasing.  

And then the time came,  when a little earthquake hit San Francisco.  For the first time it happened that people started tweeting in high-intensity  Due to this, the founder of Twitter started getting realized,  One day Twitter will be very useful in sharing news along with social media.  

In no time Twitter's popularity started increasing.  Lots of news media  started talking about Twitter.  Investors,  tech enthusiastics,  all started taking interest in Twitter.  

Meanwhile, Jack did a lot of changes in Twitter.  Like, he increased the Twitter limit from 140 characters to 280 characters.  Improved its interface,  and did a lot of developments.  Seeing this, Evan made Jack the CEO of Twitter.  

Because Evan was involved in many projects.  And Twitter was working well under Jack.  But still the problem was that Twitter was not generating revenue.  

Revenue was not generating but still,  a lot of people were using Twitter,  due to which Yahoo offered them for $12 millions,  to buy Twitter.  

But Jack, Evan and Biz also  all of them together rejected this idea.  After which they raised funding from venture capitals,  and expanded Twitter.  

Do you know twitter started @ and # symbols for the first time,  which people liked a lot.  And people started using it a lot.  

Yes guys, Twitter started #,  which a lot of social media platforms are using.  And in no time, politicians, celebrities and famous people joined Twitter.  

They themselves came on Twitter and brought a lot of users with them.  But the thing was that twitter was working on their prototype model.  But a lot of people were seeing potential in it.  That's why Jeff Bezos himself invested in Twitter.  

But because Twitter wasn't making money,  and their site was not functioning well,  due to which Jack was removed from the CEO post,  and Evan was brought back.  By February 2009,  Twitter had 30 full time employees.  

And its user base was increasing by 900% per year.  Seeing this Facebook offered Tweeter to buy for $500 millions.  But Twitter again rejected it.  Instead, after making their website stable,  they focused on generating revenue for their company.  

And in year 2009, twitter started generating revenue for the first time.  They made deal with search engines like Google and Microsoft,  that they will show tweets in their search results.  Where they got $15 millions from Google,  and $10 millions from Microsoft.  

Then they started experimenting with advertisements,  where they started a handsome amount of revenue.  By this time, 35 million tweets used to come on twitter daily.  And then one more funding round happened,  after which the valuation of twitter had reached $1 billion.  

But still Twitter had 100 employees.  Seeing this, Facebook offered them again for $1 billion.  But again,  for Evan, it was not about money.  Twitter was growing rapidly.  

And they knew, Twitter would grow rapidly in future.  In year 2010,  Evan started taking his responsibilities lightly.  And he was taking slow decisions,  due to which other colleagues also started having problem.  So, the board members decided,  that they would remove Evan as CEO.  And instead, will make him Head of the Project.  

There, he will create new features for Twitter,  which, you can say, was like firing him from company.  And in March 2011,  Twitter had 450 employees.  And then, Jack joined company again as a CEO.  Seeing this Evan decided,  that he will leave Twitter.  

He resigned,  and seeing him, Biz also resigned.  And at the end,  only one of those four co-founders was left,  Jack Dorsey.  In his leadership, Twitter achieved a huge growth.  In year 2012, Twitter had 600 employees.  And their valuation had crossed $10 billion.  

And they were earning $1 million by advertising only.  One one co-founder was left, there can be many reasons for that.  

But how Jack Dorsey could come so ahead,  how Twitter was able to becomes so successful under his leadership?  

But how Jack Dorsey could come so ahead,  how Twitter was able to becomes so successful under his leadership?

So, let's understand in detail about Jack Dorsey.  Obviously, Jack Dorsey was behind the main idea of Twitter.  But do you know,  he came up with idea for the first time,  when he was doing his under graduate degree in NYU.  

And he was just one semester far from completing his college.  Still he dropped out of the college.  When Twitter was launched,  he was just 29 years old.  Along with Twitter,  he was the founder of Square,  the company which used to deal in mobile payments.  

Jack became billionaire in year 2012.  And his net worth was around $7 billion. Despite having so much money,  you might be thinking,  he must be living lavishing life,  but it was not like that.  He used to live in his 2 bedroom mansion in San Fransisco,  which he bought in $10 million.  

Although, a lot of energy is required to run two successful tech companies.  And you might think that comes from food.  But Jack barely used to eat.  

Jack used to follow Intermittent fasting very well

Jack used to follow Intermittent fasting very well.

He used to skip breakfast and lunch every day.And from Monday to Thursday,  from 6:30pm to 9:30pm,  used to eat nothing.  And not just that,  he used to fast from Friday to Sunday.  

Where he used to live on just water.  Jack tells, when he did Intermittent fasting' for the first time,  he started feeling dizzy.  

But now it has become his habit,  which helps him to stay focused.  Literally, Jack follows all those habits,  which many books teach us.  

For example,  he is a highly productive and successful person.  He is an early riser,  who wakes up at 5 am,  takes shower,  do meditation for an hour,  and takes off for 2 days a week.  From 9:00am to 2:00pm,  he works in head office of Twitter.  

And after that he works in Square office from 6pm-7pm.  One more interesting thing is that,  he never works by sitting.  

There is a standing desk in his office,  which he always uses.  And then he do workout and dinner at home.  And then meditates for an hour,  does journaling,  and then schedules his next day.  He does all these things.  

Obviously,  you can say, his capability and energy,  productivity stays always high.  This was the whole story,  tell, what did you learn from this whole story and Jack Dorsey,  which you think, you should follow, tell me in comment section.  

And if you don't use Twitter, must use it,  and if you use Twitter, do follow me.  I'm active there and you can message me also.  

Okay?  Link is given below, do follow me.  If you don't use Twitter, start using it.  By using it, you can make your personal branding,  which I'm also trying to do.  Okay?  See you on the Twitter,  that's it for now. 


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