6 MORNING HABITS FOR WEALTH, HEALTH & SUCCESS, Hey friends,  Hel Elrod says, he has hit rock bottom 2 times in his life,  that means, he as faced his life's worst phase two times. 


And Also read how to impress anyone, When he was 20 years old, everything was perfect in his life.  He was performing well in his company,  and had got a huger post at a very young age,  had a good girlfriend and everything was going well. 

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When he was coming with an award,  a drunk men hit his car in a very high speed.  After which many of his bones got broken,  which many of his internal organs got damaged,  he was almost about to die. 


His breathing stopped,  When paramedic came,  they revived him after a lot of medication.  This was his first rock bottom,  and second rock bottom came in 2008. 


When the worst recession was going on in the US.  His success had faded away overnight,  his monthly income was almost nil.  He was not able to pay his bills.  He was not able to pay the debt of his house.  He was completely depressed.  He call it the lowest phase of his life. 


He says, if someone asks me, which one was the worst rock bottom,  getting hit by a drunk driver,  getting 11 bones broken,  die for 6 minutes,  dealing with emotional, mental and physical pain,  was really awful. 


But at that time, family, friends, doctor, nurses, everyone was helping me,  but for the second time, when I was fine,  but I had no money,  and was living in poverty,  I was alone.  I couldn’t ask for help from anyone,  and no one could help me,  because everyone was depressed in his life. 


Comparing both of them,  the second phase where I had monetary issues,  that phase was worst phase of my life.  In this phase, I was so depressed,  I started having suicidal thoughts.  Suicide seemed me a good option. 


But one day, his friend, Jon Berghofe,  when he came to know about his condition after talking him,  he started sharing his things.  He told that there was a time when I was also stressed,  my life was also miserable,  I started one thing and it changed my life. 


That thing was running in the morning.  Author reacted instantly and said, No,  I can't do this.  I don't like waking early and going for running. 


At that time, his friend said an important line,  which changed author's life completely.  Right now, which thing do you hate most.  Running in the morning,  or your current situation. 


This question shook him!  After which he started running from the next morning.  When he used to run,  he used to play a 'personal development' audio in his iPod,  and used to keep listening it.  While listening this, he learnt an important lesson. 


There Jim Rohn was telling,  Any person can become as successful as his personal development is!  The more you are personal developed, the more you'll attract wealth.  For example,  we all want health, happiness, relationship, career, spirituality, finance.  But the level of our personality development,  usually lies between 1 to 5. 


Until we reach to 10 in our personality development,  till then we won't be able to achieve or attract level 10 things.  Do you know what the author did after understanding this,  he started reading more self help books. 


He learnt all the things which are necessary for success.  When he did all this,  he came to know about many things. 


Which every author was asking him to do.  When he read so much courses and books,  he learned so many lessons.  he thought, he will do all things together whatever the authors are telling him.  Because every author was telling different things,  if I do all this, it will be so powerful. 


So, he decided he will wake up early,  which many books were saying to wake up early,  and after waking up, he will do 6 different things,  which different books are asking him to do.  


In this article, I'll tell you, how to wake up early,  a process of 4 steps,  which will help you to wake up early,  and will also tell you about those 6 exercises.  

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But listen, I'm telling you all these things in short,  but if you want to understand these things in detail,  how you can apply all these things in actual life,  the best way is to read book. 


What are those 4 steps which you can follow to wake up early


Step #1 set your intentions clearly


Step #1 set your intentions clearly

First is, set your intentions clearly.  The one of main reasons, we don't wake up early,  we sleep late.  And when it comes to wake up early, we think that I slept late,  and if I wake upearly, I'll be tired and will not be able to work properly. 


So, the best way is to make an intention before sleeping,  no matter what happens,  I'll wake up early.  And next day, I'll cover it by sleeping early. 


But, I've to wake up early tomorrow.  You might have seen that when we have to travel somewhere,  our intention is very clear,  and due to which we wake up early easily.  So, you can use this similar concept,  keep your intention clear in order to wake up early. 


Step #2 move your alarm clock across the room


Step #2 move your alarm clock across the room

Next step is, 'move your alarm clock across the room.  Maximum people, do this mistake,  they keep their alarm clock besides them.  When alarm rings, they snooze it instantly and sleep again. 


But when you keep your alarm/mobile at distance,  you'll have to wake up,  and will have to walk to snooze it.  It'll give you a window,  so that you remain waked in morning. 


The hardest thing is getting out of bed!  You'll overcome it by putting mobile at distance.  You'll get moment, motion, energy,  which will give you momentum to stay awake. 


Step #3 brush your teeth


Step #3 brush your teeth

Next step is brush your teeth.  As you get momentum to snooze the alarm,  you'll have to go to the bathroom instead of going to the bed.  You have to brush your teeth. 


You'll feel cool,  then you should wash your face.  Because when we go to sleep, it's not that we sleep instantly. 



We fall asleep slowly!  And when we wake up, it's not that we do it instantly,  Many times it happens that our eyes are opened but we feel sleepy.  So, give yourself time,  make yourself active so that you shift you self from sleepy to active state. 


Step #4 drink a full glass of water


Step #4 drink a full glass of water

Last step is to drink a full glass of water.  When we sleep for 6-8 hrs, our body becomes dehydrated.  Because we don't get water for such time.  So, when you drink first glass of water,  you become mildly hydrated. 


Due to hydration, you becomes energetic and feel less tired.  And it makes your digestive system more active,  which will help you to remain awake. 


So, must follow these 4 steps.  So, when you'll follow these 4 steps,  all these steps are discussed in detail in this book,  if you do these, it'll help you to wake up early. 


Then, after waking up, you have to do these 6 things,  called S.A.V.E.R.S.  These are the habits,  which the author learnt from various books. 


Step #1 first mistake using their mobile


Step #1 first mistake using their mobile

First one is S for Silence.  Usually, when people wake up,  the first mistake they do is that they start using their mobile,  and get to see chaotic things sometimes. 


Sometimes, when they wake up late,  they wake up in a hurry that I have to do this today,  calls and messages are coming,  Due to which their starting becomes very hectic and chaotic.  It shapes their whole day negatively,  which should not be. 


Contrary to this, we should practice Silence, after waking up.  So, that we can calmly decide how our day would be,  stress free and positive. 


You can do multiple things for this, like meditation,  prayer, reflection, deep breathing, gratitude,  all these things will make you feel better. 


It'll relax your mind and body,  and will calm your spirit,  it'll be effective to make your day best.  If you do it for minutes,  you'll see a lot of positive impact. 


Step #2 affirmations


Step #2 affirmations

Next comes, A for affirmations.  A bad incident was happened with author after car accident.  When he had a slight brain injury, he was having trouble remembering things. 


he was having trouble remembering things.  He felt that he was forgetting things again and again!  When it used to happen, he used to say one thing to himself. 


Due to this car accident,  my memory has become short termed.  I can't remember properly.  7 years had passed, but still he used to say to himself,  that I've a bad memory.  He didn't believed that it can also be improved. 


There's a quote of Henry ford,  'If you think you can or you think you can't,  both are true,  it depends which one you choose'.  After this author started affirming.  He said that, no, I won't say that my I've a bad memory because of accident. 


Instead, he started saying to himself,  that 'my brain is very powerful, and it can heal easily,  my memory is also improving.  He started saying it daily in his morning routine,  and after 2 months, he started seeing positive results. 


He noticed a lot of improvements due to this.  Similarly, if you use affirmations well,  and create good affirmations and repeat them every morning,  your health, relationship, finance, happiness,  confidence, mindset, believes,  you can make everything better.  You have to say yourself affirmations. 


Step # 3 Visualization


Step # 3 Visualization

Next comes, Visualization.  Most people do a mistake, they create a picture in their mind,  they play bad pictures. 


Why did he did this to me? 


They visualize all bad incidents in their mind,  due to which they think negatively,  their actions also becomes negative.  Because he is visualizing negative.  Contrary to it, you should  use visualization.  If you want to create a better future,  your vision should be clear,  and you should imagine it well. 


That how you want to see your life,  how much balance you want in your bank,  which car you are driving,  how and what type of people you are working with,  where you are traveling,  if you visualize positively,  it'll help you to move in a better direction. 


For example, when author used to visualize,  he used to close his eyes for 5 minutes in the morning,  and used to imagine, how his ideal day would be?  He was able to do in the same way, he used to think. 


He cleared his debts very quickly,  made his health better,  and achieved many things.  So, you do this thing as well. 


Step number #4 Exercise


Step number #4 Exercise

Next comes, E for Exercise.  There's a quote of Robin sharma which says,  'If you don't make time for exercise,  you'll probably have to make time for illnesses'. 


Personality development coach and self made multi-millionaire entrepreneur,  Eben Pagan, when he was asked,  about the single reason for his success?  He said, 'starting my morning with my personal success rituals'. 


This was his no.1 key of success.  She called her morning exercises very important!  Every morning, we should make our heart rate up,  and increase the blood flow,  and fill the lungs with oxygen,  and if you do this in starting of the day, not in middle or end,  you'll be able to live it more positively. 


So, you should do aerobic exercise for 10-15 minutes a day.  Because, at the end, the more you are healthy,  the more you'll be energetic,  the more you'll be able to take actions,  will be able to do work and it'll help you to move ahead. 


Step #5 reading


Step #5 reading

Next comes, R which means Reading.  Reading is one of the best shortcut,  there's is no shortcut in life but if there's any shortcut,  to achieve success,  that is reading. 


Through reading, without experiencing failures,  you learn from other's failures and success,  by reading their books, by reading about them. 


Books gives you a lot of knowledge, ideas and strategies,  which help you to move ahead in life.  And all the problems which are coming in your way,  or have come, they helps you to face them. 



Helps you to find solutions.  So, books are very powerful things.  Author says, if you read 10 pages a day,  which will take your 10-30 minutes,  you'll read 3750 pages in a year.  Which is equal to 18 personal development books of 200 pages each. 


You yourself think, if you finish 18 books in 12 months,  how much wise person you will be at the end of the year.  It might be easy in listening,  people can't read books for even 10 minutes,  can't read 10 pages.


Step #6 Scribing


Step #6 Scribing

Next comes S which means Scribing.  To be honest, author wanted to write Writing there,  but it was not fitting in the word,  so he used S for scribbing. 


Scribbing means writing.  Author says, journalising is one of the best ways to improve yourself.  If you do it for 5-10 minutes in morning,  it'll help you to develop.  You'll get 3 benefits for sure.


 First one is gaining clarity.  When you start writing things,  you start having clarity.  You can notice yourself, if you keep thinking in your mind.  it'll create confusion and bother you.  It'll make you over think if you keep it in your mind,  but if you start writing it on paper,  things will start becoming clear. 


Clarity is one of the best way.,  to motivate our self and remove procrastination and laziness.  So, you'll have clarity firstly.  Next comes, Review Lessons.  When you write ideas in your journal,  it'll be easy for you to review those things. 


Because we think a lot but after sometime it fades away from our mind,  but when you do journalism,  you can see it again, what and why did you write.  And it will help you. 


Next one is important, acknowledging your progress.  When you start writing,  you can go and see how much you have improved in a year.

Thank you


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